Translation workflow


Effortless multi-language management

Managing a multi-language translation workflow can be quite a hassle. From the distribution of the source document to version control, synchronized deadlines, translation management, final checks and release: it can be an unwelcome workload for an already very industrious MarCom department.


A simple way to manage your translations

With Yellow Cubes, you effortlessly manage a perfect translation workflow. Wherein all contributors work with the same source file, each country controls and checks its own version and is held to the same centrally managed deadline. Add as many languages as you want, the cube supports non-roman scripts such as Russian or Chinese. At any given moment, you know exactly what the status is of every translation. Not a second wasted, control increased and quality improved.


Yellow Cubes makes you work smarter, faster and with less need to over-control. To increase productivity, control and quality of your MarCom, please contact us.