Online Editing


Easy online editing for everyone

This probably happens a lot: you have a straightforward easy online editing task that needs to be done quickly. With attention to detail, but nothing too complicated. You hesitate to ask your agency; their hours are expensive, they do not necessarily adjust to your timing and probably the task is a little too ‘easy’.


Templates for easy designs

Yellow Cubes enables you to automate common editing tasks. Everybody can quickly use a template to adjust a flyer, brochure, advertisement. Dealers and resellers easily add their logo, change an address or use images from your digital asset management Yellow Cube. You can delegate the task and have full control with minimal time investment. This enables you to effortlessly help out colleagues and provide better service for dealers and resellers.


Yellow Cubes smartly connects everyday marketing tasks into automated processes that are as straightforward as they are powerful. To increase productivity, control and quality of your MarCom, please contact us.