On- and offline catalogue


Generate a complex catalogue…

Every year it’s a thing: the production of the annual product catalogue. Usually, it takes the organization three months or more to develop it. Collecting the images, getting the descriptions right, having them delivered for desktop publishing. The management alone is a enormous task. And then… come the corrections, late admissions and changes.


… easily! With a predesigned grid within 20 min

Using Yellow Cubes, you generate a big production, like a catalogue, a full product brochure or manual within 20 minutes — build on a predesigned grid. Imagine what you could do: make multiple catalogues a year, target audiences with different full product brochures or have a spontaneous company-wide promotion. Anything is possible. And corrections are done directly into the online editor without breaking a sweat.


Yellow Cubes gives you the speed to react to market changes, variations in output and increased need for flexibility. To increase productivity, control and quality of your MarCom, please contact us.