Liquid design


Resize banners and ads in all formats with liquid design

You make sure you produce your ads and web banners in all commonly used sizes and dimensions and prepared for different units. Yet somehow, there is always that size you did not make, that conversion you had not prepared…


As flexible and changeable as a responsive website

Yellow Cubes uses liquid design to give you complete control of size, ratio and dimension. It is as flexible and changeable as a responsive website. Instead of tens of documents and variations, you have one. Without effort, you can adjust the size and ratios —especially handy when you need to quickly produce eighteen different size web banners. You maximize your flexibility with a smaller budget. It is also less receptive to accidental errors.


Yellow Cubes makes you work smarter, faster and with less need to over-control. To increase productivity, control and quality of your MarCom, please contact us.