Business cards


Smart business card management

Business cards are, well… the business card of your organization. It needs to have the same high quality, every time: correct coloring, alignment of data and attention to details and delivery. Someone needs to take care of it. With staff changes, expansion, mergers and the day to day growth of the company, it is a too time-consuming task for you and your team.


Automate the process

Yellow Cubes enables you to automate large portions of the process. You can delegate as many tasks as you want. New colleagues can add their details themselves. They can place the order, set the volume and approve the proof. You decide when you want to check and approve the order.


Unleash your full MarCom potential

This way, Yellow Cubes enables full control over the process. Balancing efficiency and control, with the flexibility every modern organization needs. To increase productivity, control and quality of your MarCom, please contact us.