Brand identity


Smoothly manage your brand identity

Managing a brand identity requires attention to detail, consistency and clear communication on how colleagues, dealers or resellers should use brand elements. Too often little mistakes get copied, shared and distributed. Naturally, you cannot manage every use of every item for the brand identity. But you can make it very easy for others to use it right.


Worldwide online available

With Yellow Cubes your brand identity guidelines are everywhere online available. And Yellow Cubes enables you to share an easy-access database of all the core elements of your brand and short and clear instructions on how to use them. All corporate stock images and video, presentation templates, logos in all formats and sizes, color guides, fonts and digital brochures, leaflets, flyers and white paper templates. All in the correct version. Always up to date. You simply have to let people know how easy it is to access and use those materials and when to update.


This portal ensures consistency and ease of mind, enabling your team to improve your brand identity instead of feverishly maintaining it. To increase productivity, control and quality of your MarCom, please contact us.